eurosecEurosec Wireless Queue Management System

Take a step towards a new time

The EWQ-system can easily be installed and taken into use by anyone. Due to its wireless technology, it is fl exible and easily expandable allowing easy, fast and cost-effective installation. The EWQ-system is delivered to the end-customer pre-programmed.

Efficient customer service

By using the EWQ-system the customer fl ow can be improved and optimized. The ticket unit(s) can freely be placed in positions, where they serve the customers in the best possible way.


EWQ is wireless and fl exible, making changes easy. All parts of the system can be repositioned without any expertise.

Finnish technology

Eurosec’s wireless queue management system is developed and manufactured in Finland. Over one thousand systems have been installed in Finland. In Europe systems has been delivered to Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany and Hungary.

The benefi ts of wireless technology

Due to EWQ’s wireless technology, cables between the different components of the system are not needed. The ticket unit(s) and display(s) can freely be placed in positions, where they serve the customer fl ow in the best possible way. No installation expertise is needed, anyone can install the EWQ.

Elegant design

The modern and elegant design of the ticket unit(s) and displays fi ts in all environments. The displays frame come standard in black and white, but also other customized colors are available.

EWQ’s components

• EWQ-8L is a freely movable ticket unit that can handle up to eight different service groups

• The displays are big and bright, and can be installed on walls, ceilings or on their own pedestals

• The queue display shows in real-time the queue situation for selected service groups. A display showing the waiting time is also available

• The service point terminals run on either standard or rechargeable batteries. The virtual terminal is operated using the computers mouse


The EWQ-reporting program shows the following information:

• Average customer waiting time for each service group

• Served customers per service point (date/time)

• Served customers per service group (date/time)

• Customers that have left the queue (not served)

The reports can either be directly printed or copied into other programs (e.g. Excel, Word, etc.).


  • EWQ_30
  • EWQ_31
  • EWQ_32
  • EWQ_33
  • EWQ_34
  • EWQ_35
  • EWQ_36
  • EWQ_37
  • EWQ_38
  • EWQ_39
  • EWQ_41
  • EWQ_42
  • EWQ_50
  • EWQ_51
  • EWQ_53
  • EWQ_60
  • EWQ_61
  • EWQ_62
  • EWQ_63
  • EWQ_64
  • EWQ_65
  • EWQ_70
  • EWQ_71
  • EWQ_72
  • EWQ_73
  • EWQ_74
  • EWQ_75
  • EWQ_80
  • EWQ_81
  • EWQ_82
  • EWQ_83
  • EWQ_84