GRG Cash Center Automation Solution

 GRGGRG Cash Center Automation Solution (CCAS)

The complete cash processing solution for CITs and cash centers

With decades of experience on cash processing and currency recognition GRG devoted sales to the innovation on cash processing to resolve the bottleneck of cash sorting in cash centers.

GRG cash center automation solutions CCAS can realize intelligent cash sorting management as well as sorting report management which improves the cash processing efficiency.

Cash center automation is composed of:


operation table, cash sorting and Bundling machine, stamp module, lifting device, dispatching module, transportation, automatic stacking module, heating and sealing module and Labeling module.

Automatically can be realizing automatic and intelligent physical cash processing flow as well as the cash processing information flow.

The banknotes will be sorted into the sorting machine according to the requirement.After sorting the ATM notes and circulating notes come into different escrows: for bundling and label printing. Unfit notes come into the unfit notes stacker for manual handling or suspicious banknotes come into the reject stacker.

After the strapping and label printing are completed, bundled notes come into the stamp module in the bottom for stamping and they move to the dispatching module and sent to different channels according to the stamping signals.

After the bundles enter the automatic stacking module the ATM notes and circulating notes will be automatically stacked to every 10 bundles by using the free-throw. Then pre-strapped bundle is sent to the heating and sealing module to complete packing, heating and sealing.

Then in the labeling module the banknotes are fisted and print out information such as the banknote bundle information, processing time and labeling information. After that relevant bundle is transported into banknotes collection devices.

Meanwhile we can provide double-cross bundle processing mode based on user demand. Banknote bundle is sent to double-cross packing machine by transportation belt and the machine is able to automatically strap every 10 bundles and send them to the sealing and the labeling module.

CCAS map pict

The information management system of the solution include: system control software, system monitoring software, and information management software.

The system control software controls the communication and information exchange among different modules of the whole system.

The system monitoring software real time monitors the operation status of each module.

The information management software is a sorting and processing data management platform which can realize the cash processing information management, system operational management, account checking and calculating.

Video-presentation of GRG CCAS

The cash center automation solution can be customized with the requirement of the customers such as the cash processing volume and cash processing flow in cash centers. The reserved design of the system enables future scalability according to the business requirements of the current. GRG dedicates to developing new generation cash center automation solutions to realize automated and intelligent cash sorting and processing. As well as cash processing data management we improve the cash processing efficiency and reduce the labor costs.

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