TCR Vertera

Электронный кассир Vertera
 TalarisDelivering the ultimate solution for Customer, Teller and Cash Management

The VERTERA™ cash recycler represents a significant evolution in teller automation technology enabling financial institutions to focus on service excellence together with increasing customer engagement whilst still reducing cost. The VERTERA builds directly on the leading cash recycling system – the highly acclaimed TCR Twin Safe®. The VERTERA, however, offers significantly enhanced detection features, increased performance and reliability – all in a compact device that is easily incorporated into the branch.

The VERTERA cash recycler delivers real business benefit at multiple levels representing a comprehensive and integrated solution to address the demands of the customer, the teller and improvements in branch efficiency. Customers, for example, experience a fast, efficient and secure service with fewer queues and a more personalised service that only a fully supported and attentive teller can provide. For the teller, the VERTERA cash recycler removes the repetitive issues of count accuracy and counterfeit banknote identification as it becomes a robust first line of defence at the branch. The start-of-day and end-of-day set up activities are virtually eliminated, and a consolidated and up-to-date view of the cash within the branch network is available on demand.

In terms of design the VERTERA is compact and provides the flexibility to fit seamlessly into the working environment, whether tellers are standing, sitting or both.


An optimised design for ease of use

The design of the VERTERA cash recycler is optimised to enable tellers to efficiently undertake cash deposit and withdrawal transactions. Focus has been placed on ensuring the solution is straightforward for users to manage both simple and complex cash related tasks with a minimum of product training. The Teller is directly assisted in operation by clearly visible indicator lights, device signs and labels together with colourcoded guides. As a result, the teller experience is an intuitive one, engaging with a solution that can be quickly depended upon to meet their needs.

The superior note handling capability with built-in intelligence to automatically correct issues without the need for teller intervention means the VERTERA is the ideal solution for either one or multiple tellers. With tellers able to focus on the customers’ needs rather than counting cash, staff and customer satisfaction rates can be significantly improved and the accuracy of cash transactions assured. The rounded capability of the VERTERA therefore delivers an experience that is highly positive for the customer, teller and branch.

Ergonomic benefits of the VERTERA

The VERTERA cash recycler has been designed to provide far greater flexibility for workplace design as its two height options are available to facilitate seated, standing or multi-position teller operation. The compact, under-counter design ensures that the VERTERA can be positioned in close proximity to the teller, reducing physical issues that can be associated with work-related tasks. This in turn delivers ease-of-use and efficiency of operations, as the VERTERA can be placed well within the comfortable working zone of the teller.

The promotion of teller safety and well-being is considered in many aspects of the VERTERA’s design. Eliminating the need for the teller to adopt uncomfortable working postures and to carry out high frequency, repetitive activities enhances teller performance by lowering the risk of musculo-skeletal disorders, eliminating the risk of human error and improving teller job satisfaction. A healthy, motivated workforce will help to increase productivity, which in turn impacts positively on customer satisfaction.

The ergonomic design of the VERTERA not only addresses the health and safety of tellers and others associated with the use of the system, but also helps to improve both time and cost efficiencies. Increased customer engagement, the creation of a stress-free banking environment and heightened levels of customer satisfaction will result in a more customer-orientated, user-friendly banking environment.

Delivering advanced recycling technology for business benefit

The VERTERA offers the most robust and highest performance banknote handling capabilities of any cash recycler. Designed to perform flawlessly – even with the poorest quality banknotes – through use of a clean and uninterrupted banknote path which is long-edge fed and with an optimum mix of note handling sensors to ensure accuracy.

The VERTERA’s new authentication technology builds significantly on the high levels of confidence customers already have in world cash recycling technology. Financial institutions can be assured of the VERTERA’s new detection platform that is derived from research and development efforts shared with high-end commercial banknote sorters and utilises the Company’s core expertise in banknote design, production and transport.

Full-width sensors offer a no compromise solution and ensure protection for cash handling operations. Detection, authentication and fitness sorting to unsurpassed levels are available across the entire range of VERTERA solutions.



Roll storage system

  • 6 or 8 roll storage modules


  • Up to 400 notes per module


  • Available as SSF SS-EN14450:2005, UL 291 24 hrs Level 1 or CEN (WG) III

Power consumption

  • Voltage:100-240 V AC, Frequency: 47-63 Hz, Maximum power consumption: 600 W


  • 4 RS232 C serial ports
  • Printer port (Centronics) from MCU
  • USB, 2 RS232 C
  • LAN/Ethernet with option C


  • One or two users

Detector systems

  • Advanced detection and Fitness option, configurable to customer requirements

Authenticity detectors

  • 400 кг

Authenticity detectors

  • Visible
  • Infrared
  • Ultraviolet
  • Magnetic ink
  • Tape/Repair
  • Authenticity Detectors are configured to the specific currencies required


  • Safemaster for foreign currencies and cheques
  • Journal printer
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Additional RS232 C interfaces
  • Connectivity to all open network architectures
  • Two drop deposits
  • LAN network interface unit
  • Connectivity software