Teller cash recycler CM18

Teller cash recycler CM18
CTS Cashpro

Next generation cash recycling

The Teller Cash Recycler is an automated, fully certified safe containing all the technology required to process banknotes. It is able to identify and authenticate banknotes, sort specific notes to secured containers and provide banking applications with auditable detail for each transaction.

Removing the need to count and verify banknotes means that the Teller can dedicate more of their attention to their customer.

The СМ18 represents the most advanced TCR available today.

CM18 benefitsThe TCR Revolutions & the benefits

One major benefit of the CM18 TCR is that rather than focussing on the manual process of handling cash, the teller can give their full attention to their customer.

This customer-friendly environment, with the teller able to engage more with their client, creates a conducive atmosphere for building customer relationships leading to improved customer loyalty and satisfaction. This can also provide an ideal opportunity to market other services.

Increase and improve

Branches equipped with TCR’s register significant increases in product sales by tellers, increased security for branch cash holdings and improved branch staff protection.

The secure nature of the CM18 safe reduces the risk of robbery as the teller has only restricted access to cash. The CM18 can be programmed with a predefined ‘duress’ dispense which also informs the central system that a theft is in progress.

CM18 securitySecure storage

Secure storage of all notes within the CM18 is achieved through a range of safe types, ensuring all insurance requirements are met and covering the major international certifications of UL and CEN.

Configurable access controls

Configurable access controls ensure that only authorised users can communicate with the device, as defined by a supervisor, or designated member of staff.

Unprecedented levels of integration

The CM18 has been designed and developed to offer unprecedented levels of integration.

The principle design objective behind the CM18 was to create an innovative device that would integrate seamlessly into any modern cash teller environment, performing the counting, depositing and dispensing of banknotes in the simplest and most straightforward of manners, whilst increasing security at the teller position.

CM18 ergonomicBranch layout

With its compact dimensions, the CM18 can be integrated seamlessly into a wide variety of bank layouts. This enables a more open and free branch environment whilst offering a high level of cash security.
The two configurations (CM18 and CM18T) allow the teller, either standing or sitting, to interact ergonomically with the device while automating and accelerating cash handling processes.

Devices designed to help operators perform a task must be both simple to use and to control.

A device that is comfortable in daily use creates a feeling of confidence, security and professionalism that is required to deliver banking services.
It is essential that any repeated, bodily movement can be executed with efficiency and ease. A device’s operational space should also enable easy access to frequently used areas.
An example of this is seen in the CM18’s design where the operator uses no more than a 90-degree shoulder rotation.

The input slot

The input slot is situated adjacent to the Touch Screen Interface - the most ergonomic layout for use by a Teller. Bundles of up to 200 banknotes at a time can be deposited, enabling most cash transactions to be completed in a single session.

The output slot

CM18 touch

The CM18 features two output slots.
This feature allows verified and unverified banknotes to be identified separately. They are also used during the validation, sorting and counting functions.

Touch Screen Interface

The CM18 features a Touch Screen Interface that simplifies the use of the device.
The introduction of the Touch Screen Interface - using simple icons, colours and graphics - permits complex cash functions to be performed efficiently and accurately with just a few key presses and without the need to implement this functionality at the teller application level.

Screen shots of CM18 application

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  • CM18_scr25
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  • CM18_scr27
  • CM18_scr28


One of the innovative functions of the CM18 is its ability to communicate over multiple channels concurrently - connecting to several systems at once.

One communications channel is used internally by the CM18 for interacting with the main Teller Application and is used by the teller operators and their supervisors for the handling of cash deposits and withdrawals.

At the same time, interaction with the CM18 on-board application is completely separated from the main Teller Application; for example, specific denominations can be restricted to peak times, directly on the device, without reconfiguring the application.

Identifying unfit banknotes

CM18 detectorThe CM18 uses advanced note processing and recognition technology to perform all the checks required for detecting unfit banknotes, processing up to five notes per second.

To combat the circulation of counterfeit notes, the European Central Bank, the Russian Central Bank, the South African Reserve Bank and many other national central banks have requested member Commercial Banks to remove unfit notes from circulation. Many other central bank agencies are also considering mandating this process, or have already planned it.

The terms of reference for detecting counterfeits and selecting notes that are no longer suitable for circulation, as set by the relevant Central Bank agency, defines when a banknote is considered ‘unfit’.

Many of the controls for verifying genuine or unfit notes are very complex even for experienced cashiers. CTS Cashpro regularly certify the CM18 with the European Central Bank as well as all other central banks that have mandated similar procedures.

During deposit operations, unfit banknotes are segregated into a storage cassette from which they are dispensed only when the “Discharge Unfit Notes” command is given and without the need for the safe to be opened.The CM18 also has the capacity to record the details of banknotes handled, producing conformance reports when requested by the authorities.

The CM18 allows the result of operations such as counting or depositing to be verified immediately, using the CM18’s Touch Screen Interface. This permits banknote quality to be controlled in detail, counterfeits to be detected and uniquely identified, the number of the denominations to be counted and the total amount of the transaction to be calculated automatically.

Flexibility and capacity

While the CM18 fits seamlessly under any standard desk, the CM18T is designed for under-the-counter and standing environments whilst maintaining the same reduced footprint.

CM18 OpenAdditionally the CM18T offers a scalable capacity that can grow from 8 to 12 recycling modules at any time. This is achieved simply by inserting more modules.

Since the volume of banknotes in circulation varies by denomination, the capacity of cash recyclers is often compromised as some cassettes will fill up faster than others. In the new CM18 and CM18T the flexible configuration options address this issue, allowing the cassette capacity to be optimised:

“Virtual cassettes” enable the distribution of one denomination across several recycling modules without impacting the application software

“Balanced cash handling” enables the even distribution of notes among these modules. This ensures that in the unlikely event of failure of one of the modules, cash operations are unaffected.

In many countries, or border regions, where two or more currencies are in circulation a larger volume of notes may be managed.

The CM18T with its greater capacity is the ideal solution because it is possible to use up to 12 recycling modules.

Multiple cassette configurations allow for optimised note capacity.

The higher-volume denominations will be assigned to 2 or more modules, whilst low-volume denominations can be assigned to one module or mixed with other low-denomination notes.

Recycling modules can be configured in many different ways:

  • Single denomination
  • Multi denomination
  • Multi currency
  • Unfit notes
  • Overflow

Easily controlled via the application software, the configuration can be changed as required, depending on day of week or month.

Installation gallery

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