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This year, GCE will be a 4-day comprehensive event, aim to provide a professional know-how exchange of the most cutting edge topic and a valuable social network platform for guests from all over the world. Over 150 attendees from financial institutions, CIT companies, retailers, as well as experts from retail banking and cash management areas are expected to participate and exchange their views and information

In GCE 2015, Guests will also have a chance to catch our latest products and technology and share the recent experience from us through our projects around the world

What's more, as part of the 4-day comprehensive event, a summit dedicated to Future Banking discussion will be presented. The high-end summit will offer you a platform to explore views, discussions, and networking opportunity with the most influential banking leaders, innovators and decision makers worldwide.

Please look into each section of the event below which will keep you updated with latest information

This year, as part of the 4-day comprehensive event, a summit dedicated to Future Banking discussion will be presented. The summit will offer you a professional platform to explore cutting-edge views and insightful discussions, as well as networking opportunity with masterminds.

Theme: Speak the Evolution of Future Banking

"Banking is no longer somewhere you go, it's something you do"(Brett King, author of Bank 3.0). The hyper-connected customers demand services to be delivered seamlessly across all channels and devices, whenever and wherever they need it. The essence of competitiveness is to improve digital competency, engage customer interaction and always adapt to changing customer behaviors. Massive shifts in banks' distribution module and operation practices will be inevitable.


The most influential banking leaders, innovators and decision makers worldwide, and gain insights on how new technology can drive banks forward and stay ahead of the curve: VP from the Central Bank, C-level executives from leading banks worldwide, Global banking experts.

In the workshop, new cash automation technologies and solutions from GRGBanking will be concentrated. Attendees will have communication on how those technologies and solutions will drive the future banking in different sectors, such as bank branch, self-service banking, retail industrial and cash center.

The workshop will include these sections bellow:

1.Cash Recycling Solution
Experience sharing and case studies on cash recycler and how it benefits the bank with total cost reduction.

2.Intelligent Cash Management for Banking and Retail Industry
- Experience sharing and case studies on cash management optimization, to discover the business modules of intelligent deposit solution for bank branch and retail sector.

3.Video Teller Machine Solution for Branch Transformation
Experience sharing and case studies on the VTM projects implemented in world-class banks

4.Cash Sorting Automation Solutions
- Challenges for cash sorting and authentication in heavily cash-based countries, insight and experience sharing from CIT and bank perspective.
- Cash sorting products and latest project cases.

5.Software Solutions
- Latest software solutions and latest cases

Products Display
Video Teller Machine

GRG's VTM is a self-service customer touch point for performing banking transactions and professional banking consultations with support from remote bank teller via video connection. It provides a brand new experience of standardized and interactive banking service, and enables 24/7 counter services for customers


Hybrid Teller Machine

GRG's HTM is a multifunctional branch automation solution that enables hybrid operation modules. Teller on-site assistance facilitates conventional branch counter transactions, with semi-self-service mode available beyond banking hour.

Cash Recycler

GRG's Cash Recycler features compact size and high configurations, which helps banks, financial institutions and retailers to reduce cash handling cost, deliver reliable and value-added services and enhance security and improve cash operation efficiency.


Compact Cash Recycler

GRG's newly designed Compact Cash Recycler i58 is featured with cost-effectiveness, easy-maintenance, high security and stability by using brand-new cash processing module. It meets various cash processing demands by enhancing human-computer interaction and user experience.


Cloud-based ATM

Cloud-based ATM is the would-be next generation of thin-ATM that interacts with your mobile. By centralizing all transaction processing to Cloud server, it enables a compact design and offers customer convenient non-card transactions initiated by mobile via NFC or barcode. The integrated resources by Cloud and cost-effective terminal can facilitate a fast ATM network expansion.

Intelligent Cash Processing Solution

With state-of-the-art technologies like banknote validation, sorting, and serial number tracking, remote monitoring and management, etc., P series intelligent cash deposit machines and teller cash recycler are versatile machines for retail cash collection and branch automation by simplifying cash processing procedure and increasing retailer and teller efficiency.



Full Function ATM

GRG's full function ATMs offer you unparalleled performance and flexibility, with rich functionalities including high-capacity banknote dispensing, intelligent cash and check deposit, envelope deposit, barcode scanning, statement printing, and other value-added functionalities. Not only does it carry out self-service transactions that are popular today, but the series also has a modular design that makes it easy for your any future upgrade.


Banknote Sorting Solution

GRG has full range of sorting machine product line, which can be applied in various cash processing location such as retail shop, teller counter, branch back office, cash center to improve the cash sorting and counting efficiency. With cutting-edge banknote detection technology and the user-friendly design, those high performance sorting devices can enhance the cash processing speed and accuracy while improve the customer experience.
CM100V(A) is the compact size banknote sorting machine with advanced note validation technology and high counting and sorting speed. The coming banknote sorting and bundling machine CM3000 is able to improve the overall banknote sorting and banding efficiency in cash center.

During your visit in our industrial park, you will experience GRG's brand-new and triple-sized digital showroom, visit the largest ATM R&D institute and manufacturing center in Asia Pacific
Brand-new GRGBanking Showroom

Our showroom is an exhibition hall for a comprehensive display of our core technology and products/solutions, it is diversified into different sections:

1) Core technologies
2) Self-service banking solutions
3) Branch transformation solutions
4) Software solutions
5) Community banking solutions
6) Cash sorting and cash center automation solutions
8) ATM services (ATM maintenance, managed service, payment service, etc.)

Testing Center

Our testing center is located in R&D Institute which is the largest ATM R&D Institute in Asia-Pacific. GRG has world-leading R&D capability and over 20 testing labs conducting tests in 3 aspects.

1) Functionality and reliability
2) Electromagnetic compatibility
3) Safety standards

Manufacturing Center

Our manufacturing center is the largest (23,000 square meters) in Asia, with production capacity of 40,000 units per year.

About GCE

Ever since its first organization in 2006, GCE has become an efficient platform for customers and partners worldwide to discuss the most cutting-edge issues, as well as experience the latest technology, product and solution of GRGBanking. It is an annual event that aims at strengthening the relationship with GRGBanking's valuable partners and customers.

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