GRGBanking Global Customer Exchange 2014

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The ninth GRGBanking Global Customer Exchange (GCE) is expected to embrace over 130 guests to participate and exchange their views and information. Moreover, the event features the theme "Intelligence Drives Future Banking", representing our intelligent product portfolio is capable of driving customers' business to better transform to future banking models.

Ever since its first organization in 2006, GCE has become an efficient platform for customers and partners worldwide to discuss the most cutting-edge issues, as well as experience the latest technology, product and solution of GRGBanking. It is an annual event that aims at strengthening the relationship with GRGBanking's valuable partners and customers.

We will keep you updated with the latest information. Your suggestion or comment is essential to our improvement on the upcoming event, so please do not hesitate to contact Michelle Yeung at .

For more information please contact us or visit GRGBanking web-site.

Organizer: GRGBanking 

Date: September 16 -18, 2014

Location: GRGBanking Headquarters, Science City, Guangzhou, China